Pearl Harbor, 2016: Battlefield Return

On the peaceful Sunday morning of December 7, 1941, two waves of Japanese fighters, dive-bombers, horizontal bombers, and torpedo bombers lead one of the most devastating attacks on American soil. We return to Pearl Harbor December 2nd with survivors to and honor their heroism. Follow their stories.

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War Without Heroes. 3.1.2016: Return To Vietnam

War Without Heroes vindicates the timeless principles of peace and justice in the world by raising awareness of the selfless courage all Vietnam War veterans exercised when they were called to duty, in hopes that future generations will never forget their sacrifices or those who were left behind. Programs to Vietnam commence in March 2016.

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Normandy, 2016: Battlefield Return

Since 2004, TGGF has offered the opportunity for combat veterans to return to their battlefields at no cost to them. These voyages back to the battlefields are often emotional, but provide veterans a measure of closure from their war experiences, the chance to share in the gratitude for their service, and a venue to educate others. Programs to Normandy commence in February 2016.

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Since its inception, The Greatest Generations Foundation has directly touched thousands of veterans’ lives through a multitude of battlefield programs, organized programs to national and international destinations, and other activities. Founded in 2004, TGGF is the only non-profit organization devoted to helping veterans return to their battlefields and enabling closure of their war experiences while at the same time educating youth about key war events and their relevance. In 2016, TGGF will dramatically expand its programs and service offerings to veterans and their families as well as educational outlets.


Remembering those who served

The Greatest Generations Foundation works to ensure that the stories and lessons of war are not forgotten, even when there is no one left to tell them. Preserving the legacy of these heroic men and women happens most effectively through education and the retelling of stories to younger generations. TGGF's educational programs take a dynamic, experiential approach. Our programs allow learners from all backgrounds to explore the values and beliefs that Americans and their Allies embraced during wartime. They address the extraordinary history of sacrifice and the noble accomplishments of those who served.